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If you are looking for a curriculum for your children that will enable them to attain academic success in college, yet which frees up parents from the tasks of creating daily lesson plans and hands-on teaching, this curriculum is for you. To understand how this curriculum works, click here.

This is a college preparation program, but it also teaches students how to start a home business. It is a practical program.

Students learn self-discipline as soon as they learn how to read. In grade 4, my program becomes 98% self-taught. This habit is basic to survival in college, when students are on their own. They need academic self-reliance to survive.

I have posted some testimonials from parents on the right-hand side of this page. Read them.

My curriculum is non-partisan and non-political. It's pro-free enterprise and pro-business.

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For a list of the courses, click here.

A Mom Has Produced a Great 40-Second Back to School Video
Ron Paul - 谷歌梯子教程

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Inner-City Education Solution
Ron Paul - July 25, 2023

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A Solution to Homeschool Burnout
Ron Paul - 谷歌梯子

There is a solution. You can help.... keep reading

Homeschooling Without Pressure
Ron Paul, M.D.

Maybe you know a burned-out teacher. This report may help that person recover.... keep reading

The Future of Education
Ron Paul - July 11, 2023

It's online.... keep reading

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